Red Penny Earrings

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Product Description

Did you know that pennies made before 1981 are 95% copper? This makes them perfect for enameling! I upcycled old pennies by slightly curving the pennies in a dapping block. I then fired them in a kiln three times to get three nice coats of enamel. After cleaning the backs of the pennies with a wire brush, I applied a layer of catsup to make the copper bright and shiny. A final scrub and polish, some pretty little earring hooks, and you have some sweet earrings you can wear everyday. Lightweight, comfortable, and so many colors to choose from!

{ d e t a i l s }

* Size: well, you know, it’s a penny! (1/2 inch diameter)
* Length: 1 1/8 inches
* Silver-plated earring hooks
* Lightweight
* Color: Strawberry Red
* Gift Wrapped in an eco friendly box.

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Bijou Booth

Red Penny Earrings Red Penny Earrings Red Penny Earrings Red Penny Earrings

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